Collaborate in a secure analytics platform to accelerate research

Built on the foundation of Alphabet’s leading technology and data capabilities, Workbench enables researchers to access, analyze and collaborate on complex datasets with the governance and policy oversight tools to help safely support research speed and scale.

For life sciences, Workbench catalyzes research and development by modernizing and simplifying data analytics, enterprise-wide. For data providers, Workbench fosters tighter working bonds with life sciences, health systems, academics, biotech and more. By expanding access to data, Workbench can enable all researchers within the workspace or organization make better use of collective data and strengthen the overall ecosystem.

For pharma and biotech

The key to unlocking data potential

Data is only as useful as the tools and infrastructure to analyze it

Connect infrastructure and data from internal and external sources into a single platform. Adopt data sharing practices that eliminate silos across teams, and gain more control and flexibility to manage governance and usage to help enable reproducible, high-quality output.
Simulated view of Verily Viewpoint Workbench secure data analytics platform features: Multimodal data collections and data lineage policies.
Workbench aligns with our ambitious initiative to generate the most comprehensive biosample and dataset collection for ALS and provide no-strings-attached access to scientists worldwide to advance their work.
Manish Raisinghani, M.B.B.S., Ph.D. President and CEO, Target ALS

For biobanks, health systems and other data providers

Elevate data like never before

Broaden data reach and purpose

Collage of genomics researcher or computational biologist analyzing data and simulated view of Workbench collaborative research platform.

Partners strengthening research in numbers


The Verily difference

Simulated view of Workbench secure data analytics platform’s data governance engine, which enables better oversight through data policy management tools.

Data governance engine

Full control for all users

Get the foundation and oversight necessary to enable reproducible research.

  • Data policy management: Associate and seamlessly enforce policies around permissions, data use and cloud storage specifications across your data assets 

  • Data audit: Monitor data use and detect misuse or threats

  • Data lineage: Understand end-to-end data use and flow from source to consumption

Simulated view of a Workbench collaborative research workspace where all users can readily find and explore multimodal data and resources in an intuitive interface with logically organized folders.

User-friendly experiences

Reach new research heights

Elevate research for all users — principal investigators, computational scientists, data engineers and others — in an intuitive environment comprised of these features and more:

  • Interactive, multimodal visual data browser

  • Collaborative spaces to access and share collective data, analysis tools, reproducible methods and results

  • Seamless enterprise data and infrastructure integration

  • Flexible deployment either an “out of the box” SaaS product, or enterprise integrated

  • Powerful data governance engine (see details above)

Collage of a genomics researcher or computational biologist interacting with a Workbench collaborative research platform team member on data governance features, such as data policy management.

Expert support, leading technology

Keep pace with the industry

Access the help you need, when you need it. Workbench’s diverse teams of experts support clients and their customers — from workflow and data model development to analysis or deployment, helping them build and maintain momentum.

As an Alphabet company, Verily integrates leading user-centric product and engineering principles with deep scientific and FDA expertise, enabling ongoing updates so clients aren’t left behind.