To be available for open enrollment in 2026*

An intelligent chronic care solution to help members manage their health

Verily Lightpath is designed to be a proactive, personalized, dynamic and responsive chronic care platform, which will be fueled by continuous data integration and AI.* But Lightpath won’t be a technology alone. It will be paired with health coaches and an advanced licensed clinical team — endocrinologists, pharmacists, primary care physicians, nurses and registered dietitians.** This will allow Lightpath to serve a variety of acuity levels within a single solution based on member need.

Lightpath’s care modules and pathways will be dynamic and personalized, and will leverage AI to be a self-learning system. The intent is to help members achieve their goals by driving behavior change through rapid feedback loops. This means Lightpath can help members overcome barriers — either in partnership with their current providers, or by working with our advanced clinical care teams.

Metabolic programs*

Support to help achieve and maintain health goals

Lightpath Metabolic will be a comprehensive, flexible metabolic care solution built on a precision health platform — supported by a deep bench of clinical experts — which will offer multiple tiers of acuity. As clinically indicated, members will be able to move from intensive programs to less intensive programs (see Figure 1 below).

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A smiling woman in her thirties, wearing a continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, and checking a food’s nutritional label before eating breakfast.

A smarter, personalized approach*

Lightpath is being designed to take advantage of recent AI advancements to support both members and clinicians.

Planned AI features:

  • An AI helper for members to inform personalized pathways, monitor behavior and engage members

  • An at-the-elbow AI assistant for clinical staff

  • System-level analysis will create a “learning system” by continually looking across — and refining — member actions and personalized pathways

Middle-aged chronic care member with prediabetes and hypertension, checking his blood pressure and a primary care physician.
Verily Lightpath Metabolic demonstrates our commitment to supporting people living with chronic conditions as the care landscape quickly evolves. By combining the latest technology and AI methods with clinical expertise and a great user experience, we aim to help members achieve their goals and live healthier lives.
Myoung Cha, Verily Chief Product Officer
Sources & disclaimers

*The information contained on this page is intended to outline Verily’s general product direction and is not a commitment or legal obligation to deliver any functionality. Product capabilities, timeframes and features are subject to change and should not be viewed as commitments.

**May not be available in all 50 states

†Statements related to Rx treatments are for members receiving telemedicine services with licensed health care providers through Onduo P.C.

Persons aren’t actual Verily Lightpath members or providers.

Verily Life Sciences LLC (“Verily”) offers virtual care management programs for eligible individuals, as further described in these materials and at Verily collaborates with Onduo Management Services LLC (“OMS”), Onduo LLC,  and a network of affiliated Professional Entities to offer the services. These services are meant to be used in conjunction with regular in-person clinical services and not intended to replace routine primary care.

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