Andrew Trister, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer
Chief Medical and Scientific Officer
Andrew Trister

Andrew Trister, MD, PhD, is the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Verily where he leads the company’s research, science and population health initiatives, providing expertise across Verily’s portfolio as the company furthers its precision health strategy. Previously, Andrew served as the Deputy Director of Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he led the Foundation’s development and investment in digital health and artificial intelligence to address global health inequities. Prior to that, Andrew was a founding member of Apple’s Health team, where he led clinical research and machine learning with Apple partners. Andrew holds an MD, a PhD in bioengineering, an MSE and BSE in computer science, and a BA in biological basis of behavior from the University of Pennsylvania. He completed his clinical residency in radiation oncology at the University of Washington, with additional focus areas in medical and bioinformatics.